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Using Pinterest to Categorize Learning Opportunities

A few days ago we published a blog post about avoiding the Summer Slide, and we wanted to follow up by sharing a Pinterest board we created.  Please click the link below to view all of the Summer STEM opportunities that we’ve discovered. Follow Eric’s board Summer STEM on Pinterest.

Your Ultimate Guide to Preventing Summer Slide

Summer is a time for students to unwind after a busy school year, but it is important for kids to exercise their brain throughout the summer months.  The simplest way to stimulate the brain is through reading, and we have provided several reading lists below.  We have also compiled a list of our favorite Summer Slide blog posts, [...]

4 Steps to Prep for the CLEP

What is CLEP? The College Level Examination Program is an arm of the College Board, which provides a vehicle for expediting the completion of select college courses. Depending on the institution’s policies, CLEP tests can help students earn college credits, or waive certain requirements if they have already developed proficiencies in certain content areas. This [...]

SAT Prep – 3 Reasons Students Should Try Testive

It appears that both parents and students are beginning to understand the awesome power behind Testive’s adaptive SAT preparation software. With understanding comes excitement, and the magnitude of the excitement is so high we’ve been asked to start another SAT prep class. The new class is slated to begin on March 8th, but we will [...]

SAT Tip: Uploading blue book questions to Testive

Recently, we started a 10 week SAT prep class, and I created the video tutorial below to help students understand how to add their “blue book” answers to Testive’s software.  The process is relatively straightforward, but I welcome any questions that you might have.  If you would like to learn more about the SAT prep [...]

SAT Prep

All of our SAT courses begin with a 3-hour session that includes a diagnostic assessment and extensive goal setting.  Each course runs for a total of six weeks, with classes meeting on Monday/Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm-8:00pm. All of our SAT test prep instructors use Testive’s SAT Habit, a powerful tool that helps them gather valuable [...]

Is a 12 week SAT prep class right for you?

Now that we have entered into a new year, juniors are starting to get a little more serious about preparing for the SAT that they will take in May. Currently, we have three 6 week SAT prep courses scheduled to start at different times over the next three months. These classes are set up strategically, [...]

SAT Promotion – Save $100!

Do you want to save $100 on our next SAT test prep course?  Click the Facebook deal below to learn how!  You can always reach out to us via Twitter if you have any questions. Post by Quincy Tutoring Network.

3 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Quincy Tutor Network in 2014

It has been almost six months since we crashed our national tutor network, and losing everything was devastating.  Instead of giving up, I used this experience as an opportunity to examine my life’s work and refocus my time by helping students on the South Shore.  Taking an opportunity to examine this “failure” also provided me [...]

NQHS Senior Stay Out is Saving Lives!

Do you love our local artists, crafters, and artisans ?  I do!  Tomorrow, November 30th, the NQHS Senior Stayout (SSO) committee is hosting their annual Holiday Craft Fair to raise funds for the after-prom event they sponsor each year.   Currently, over 50 vendors have registered for the event, and they will be selling their [...]