Products and Services

Our mission at Quincy Tutoring is to empower students to achieve excellence and to reach their full potential.  We recognize that every student learns differently and has their own individual strengths and challenges. We are willing and able to tailor our services and strategies to best fit each student’s individual needs.

One-to-One Tutoring

We offer students individualized instruction with trained educators in a wide range of subjects. The cost per hour will vary  depending on the experience of the tutor.

SAT Test Prep

The SAT is one of the most important tests your student will likely take during their academic career. Our service begins with a specialized assessment of each student’s individual needs using Testives SAT Habit software. We then provide an innovative blend of in person classroom instruction and customized online instruction. We limit SAT test prep class sizes to 8 12 students and offer competitive prices that are significantly lower than most of our competitors.


We offer test preparation for all of the leading high school entrance exams. We limit our class sizes to 8 12 students and offer prices that are significantly less than those charged by most of our competitors. Students will receive 12-15 hours of instruction.

High School and College Admissions Counseling

We offer families individual placement counseling for independent high school admissions and college admissions. This one to one counseling is provided by admissions professionals with many years of experience in this field, and the services provided can be individually tailored to each familys specific needs.

Customized Education Solutions

We can work with you to build a customized learning program that meets your specific needs. Whether you need customized test preparation, a professional development program for teachers, or a new learning or tutoring center on your premises, our staff will deliver.