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Is a 12 week SAT prep class right for you?

Now that we have entered into a new year, juniors are starting to get a little more serious about preparing for the SAT that they will take in May. Currently, we have three 6 week SAT prep courses scheduled to start at different times over the next three months. These classes are set up strategically, so each section ends the Wednesday before the corresponding test date. The shorter sessions do limit the amount of time a student can dedicate to working through Testive’s adaptive SAT software, but we are seeing increases in our student’s SAT scores after they complete our six week program. Juniors have a unique advantage this spring because they have a greater amount of time they can invest in their preparation.

In an effort to accommodate juniors, we want to offer a 12 week SAT prep program that starts at the end of January. The cost of the program will be $599, which includes a lifetime license for Testive’s adaptive SAT software. The software typically cost $399 for a 3 month license, but our students will have access to the software for as long as they need. This means they can continue preparing for the SAT on their own after the program is completed. Along with the software, students will receive 12 hours of instruction and 3 hours of a mock SAT testing situation.  The face-to-face experience will be held in a classroom located at 180 Old Colony Ave, which is adjacent to our office space at the Quincy Center for Innovation.

Many have asked how our SAT prep is different from the larger franchise companies, and my simple answer is data. Testive provides our instructors with data that allow our instructors to assess the student’s progress. The data is also used to modify the classroom learning experience to address the needs of each student. Testive built in accountability mechanisms into their software and parents will receive weekly updates on the student’s progress. Effort and consistency are two powerful ingredients to successfully completing our SAT prep program, and Testive make is extremely easy to see if students are meeting the commitment goals they set at the begging of the program. When a student is not maintaining adequate growth, our instructors can investigate further and determine if there are any outside forces distracting the student from the program.

I have created the 3 minute video below in an effort to provide my readers with a brief introduction to Testive.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding Testive’s software, or the SAT prep courses we offer.  If you would like to register for one of our six week course, please click HERE.  Please fill out the form below if you would like to register your student for the 12 week course that we are going to create.  Please indicate what days/times would work best for your schedule.  We are also looking for Quincy Tutor Network brand ambassadors that can help spread our message.  Please reach out to me via Twitter at @EA_Clark if you’re interested in becoming a QTN ambassador.



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  1. Karla McCarron

    Hi Eric, will you be offering any other SAT prep courses? Or, do you offer any one-on-one programs? My daughter is a junior. thank you!

    1. Eric Clark

      Sorry Karla, I’ve gotten out of the sat prep game. Have you looked into

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