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SAT Prep – 3 Reasons Students Should Try Testive

It appears that both parents and students are beginning to understand the awesome power behind Testive’s adaptive SAT preparation software. With understanding comes excitement, and the magnitude of the excitement is so high we’ve been asked to start another SAT prep class. The new class is slated to begin on March 8th, but we will be accepting registrations until March 15th.  The class will meet on Saturdays, and the time is TBA.  The cost of the program is $599, which includes a lifetime license for Testive’s software (a great opportunity for juniors and sophomores).

3 Reasons Students Should Try Testive

Not all SAT preparation programs are created equal, and Testive does an awesome job setting themselves apart by embedding a sound pedagogical framework into the backend of their software. For starters, Testive provides a platform that gives students an opportunity to progress through the learning experience in short bursts of time. This “chunking” method allows students to take the necessary time to acquire the new information. Far too often students approach SAT as a means to an end, and this sad truth limits the student’s knowledge acquisition. Testive definitely helps with this issue!

Secondly, Testive’s platform provides each student with a space where they can set short term and long term academic goals. The time and effort spent working towards these goals is calculated in the student’s participation grade. Each week, students (parents and coach) are notified of their progress via email. This weekly check-in is great for accountability, and just last week our current group of students had a participation grade of 87%. This score was so good, the folks from Testive sent me an email asking what we were putting in the water. In other words, our students are rocking this prep experience! Part of our SAT prep philosophy is encapsulated in the students taking ownership of their experience. Merely attending a prep class will not increase a SAT score, doing the hard work will. Testive just makes that work seem less intimidating.

Lastly, Testive provides us (educators) with a plethora of data that we can use to modify the test prep/tutoring experience. The data also equips students with the knowledge they need to become independent learners. Our instructors are trained to help students identify what the data is telling them, and equip each student with the skills needed to make informed decisions regarding the data. Seeing growth is also important, and Testive does a great job documenting each student’s progress and presenting it in a way that is easy to understand.

Is Testive the best tool for you?

If you think Testive is the right tool for you our your student, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can purchase the software directly through Quincy Tutoring, and our staff will act as your virtual coaches for free. This means our tutors will be documenting each student’s progress, and will follow up via email if there are any issues. We also offer one on one tutoring, and SAT prep classes. If you are interested in learning more about the SAT prep class starting on March 8th, please fill out the form below.  If you would like to purchase the software as a stand alone product, please contact us here.

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