In this blog I would like to discuss teeth and everything connected to that. From our very childhood we are told that it is necessary to clean teeth two times a day. And usually we think that it is necessary just to make your breath fresh and make teeth look shiny. …Yes, this is also the reason. But do you know that insufficient care of teeth may affect your health condition in general?

If you do not clean teeth it may result in growth of bacteria, which in turn cause inflammatory process not only in your mouth but in the entire body. Yes, it sounds strange, but it is so.

Dental health directly affects our bodily functions. For example, people with tooth deposit are under higher risk of pancreatic carcinoma comparing to those who carefully and regularly take care of their teeth. Scientists discovered that dental calculus increase risk of cardioplegia two times. So, it is very important and necessary to maintain health of our oral cavity.
And actually it is not so difficult. Today there are a lot of means and ways to keep healthy teeth. Along with toothpaste and regular toothbrush there are dental floss and an electrical toothbrush.

So here in this blog you will find a lot of simple things, which anyone can use – like did you know that instead of sweets it is recommended to use a chewing gum? It is much healthier. We discuss here more serious topics like how to avoid gum inflammation or even how to prevent tongue cancer.
Welcome and let’s solve our problems together.