Quincy Tutoring was founded by Eric Clark MEd while he was teaching 8th grade mathematics at Central Middle School, and he now serves as the Assistant Head of School at the Woodward School for Girls. Quincy Tutoring was incorporated in February of 2013 and since then we have expanded our range of services that we offer. At the end of 2013 we changed our name to Quincy Tutoring.

All of our products and services are carefully created, implemented, and evaluated with the goal of empowering each one of our students to reach the highest levels of success that they can achieve. With student’s facing more academic pressure than ever before, our goal is to provide high-quality tutoring and test preparation at an affordable price.

Quincy Tutoring offers subject specific tutoring and test preparation both in Quincy and in the greater metro-Boston area. We also offer individual high school admissions and college admissions counseling and placement services to families that is specifically tailored to their own education goals.

Once you contact us, we will ask you to submit a tutor request form, and contact you immediately. We will then match your student with the tutor we think is the best fit for them. If after meeting with the tutor your student does not think this is the right fit, we can set them up with another tutor.

The cost for one-on-one tutoring will vary depending on the tutors experience, and we offer competitive rates for high school and college admissions counseling.