Building you PLN Using Twitter

The content of this post is may be somewhat antiquated for the folks that are proficient Twitter user, but I think the information is still pertinent to those that have yet to experience the full benefit of Twitter.

Yesterday I was asked to speak to a group of students at Eastern Nazarene College about the impact that Twitter can have on their professional learning network/communities.  The video below was created using the Explain Everythingapp, and might be a bit choppy and not up to the standard of most professionals,

sorry.  My presentation covered the basics of Twitter, and how educators can start getting connected to other professionals in their field.  Please use this as an opportunity to build your PLN and comment/share situations where Twitter has impacted your professional growth.  What are some things you learned, both positive and negative?  The video is one dimensional, and your input is extremely valuable.  Please share!

Thank you for taking the time to help Twitter beginners get a better understanding of social media, and how it can impact their professional growth.  If you liked the presentation, and would like to learn more about Explain Everything, please read this recent post.

Thoughts?  Concerns?