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Meet the Team

Eric A. Clark



Eric Clark is the Founder/CEO of Quincy Tutoring and Assistant Head of School at the Woodward School for Girls, which is located in Quincy MA.  Over the last seven years Eric has positioned the Quincy Tutor Network (which has now become Quincy Tutoring) to be one of the leading educational voices in Quincy and the South Shore of Boston, by providing educational seminars on topics ranging from special education to college access.

When Eric is not with his family or working on Quincy Tutoring projects, you can find him blogging about social media, education, and student affairs on his personal blog.  If you are interested in working with Eric in a consulting capacity, please do so via the contact form.

You can easily find Eric on Twitter, a platform that he uses to connect with parents and other community leaders.  Please do not hesitate to contact Eric if you have any questions regarding Quincy Tutoring or if you just want to say hello.





Director of Community Partnerships

COO/Director of Community Partnerships

Paul J. Bowen

Paul Bowen is the Chief Operating Officer and Director of Community Partnerships for Quincy Tutoring. He previously served as the Founding Director of the Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP) from 2000 – August 2013. Over the past fourteen years Paul built TEEP into a vibrant character formation and leadership development program for middle school and high school students in Boston. This innovative program has been recognized as a national model for empowering students for college success through a unique blend of character and leadership formation.

Paul has also served on the board of directors for a charter school in Boston and has held senior leadership positions at two summer camps. Paul also has 12 years of experience leading human rights and human development trips in Central America for both youth and adults. Nine years ago Paul created the Seminar in Globalization that he teaches at Eastern Nazarene College with Dr. James Cameron and this course was inspired by the work that he does in Central America.




Steven Ehlert

Steven_EhlertDr. Steven Ehlert studied Physics and Mathematics at Northwestern University in Evantston, IL, where he got his first introduction to research early on in his academic career. After graduation he spent a year at the Max Planck Institute of Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany. He then went to Stanford University for his PhD to work under the tutelage of Professor Steve Allen, graduating in July of 2013. Now working as a postdoc at MIT, he had a wonderful experience learning new ways to teach STEM subjects as a teaching assistant at Stanford and has been looking for opportunities to help younger students gain a deeper understanding of science and mathematics. He is well versed in the importance of dialog in teaching physical sciences, and is a strong believer in building physical intuition before memorizing formulae. If you need help in physics, chemistry, or math then he is the tutor for you!

Learn more about Steven’s research HERE and HERE.  You can also connect with Steven on LinkedIn.

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Bill Stiffler 

Bill StifflerBill is our SAT test prep genius, and he also enjoys tutoring students of all age groups on a broad spectrum of subjects. He is very patient with students and always finds a way to help them. Bill has tutored at the collegiate level for several years where he discovered a passion for engaging one-on-one with students.

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