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Overcome math anxiety with YouTube

Math is my favorite subject! Yes, I know that sounds a bit crazy because Math is a four letter word to most of you. Unfortunately, our culture has placed a high value on grades, which has resulted in our students facing an enormous amount of systemic pressure. Perceived or not, the pressure is still there, and it is causing students to make poor decisions! When a student fails to see the value in the learning experience, they will inevitably resort to cramming the information into their brains for short term gains. This shallow approach to learning is not ideal, and information is often forgotten.

If your chuckling, I totally understand. We have all been there!

Another causality of our education paradigm is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of asking questions. Ultimately, a fear of looking stupid. I see this phenomenon rear its ugly head almost every day.

Why are my students afraid of me? Why am I not reaching my students?

In an effort to answer the questions above, I encouraged my students to search for tutorial videos on YouTube. Hopefully my buddy Sal Kahn could help them with their math problems because I wasn’t getting anywhere. Technology doesn’t always fix the problem, but I was pleasantly surprised with my student outcomes.

YouTube helped to break down a barrier by providing the fundamental knowledge that the student needed. Each student had full control over the video and could pause it at any moment to go back and review a concept. No matter how many times the student had to stop the video they could be sure that YouTube wouldn’t make them feel stupid. Many of the students came to explain the process they had just learned about, a behavior that would not have manifested itself prior to my YouTube experiment.

What amazed me most was the fact that very few of my students had used YouTube as a resource for learning. Once student even said, “YouTube as a resource? I thought it was only useful for kitten videos”. While I do enjoy the kitten videos on YouTube, I am more intrigued by the vast array of educational content available.

Don’t believe me?  Try searching YouTube for algebra help, or geometry.  You will be amazed!

Before you try to hire us for tutoring please allow your student to search YouTube for their questions.  You will probably find all of the information that you need, and will end up empowering your student in the process.  If you determine that you need at tutor, we are here, but only as a last resort.

Can we create a YouTube video for you?

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Our favorite kitten video for your viewing pleasure.

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