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Student Success – Start the Year Off Right

How was the start of your school year?

Here are a few tips that I share with my students every year.

Being a successful student is hard work, and it doesn’t come easy.  There is a disconnect in our culture where students believe that they are not supposed to experience struggle, and if they do, it means they probably lack intelligence.  I may be overgeneralizing, but many students are crippled by the pressure we place on them to merely earn good grades.

Yes, it is necessary to earn good grades, but we tend to forget about the journey and focus more on the final grades.  Earning a bad grade doesn’t mean your child is stupid, it means they need to change their approach.  As parents, we know this, but students often miss the message no matter how clear we are.  Below are a few techniques that I hope you find helpful.

Develop a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is crucial when trying to achieve academic success.  Help your student to acknowledge that their intelligence is not limited to what they can comprehend, and with a little effort, they will break through any academic road block.

Embrace Failure

Failure to perform well is not an indication of how smart someone is.  This “failure” is a signal that something needs to change.  Work with your student and reaffirm that they can accomplish their goals.  At this time, it may be helpful to suggest a few strategies that your student can use to increase their knowledge retention.  If the parent/student dynamic is somewhat tense, this may be a perfect time to look for a tutor/academic coach.

Survival is Not Enough

I stole that line from Seth Godin, an amazing author who has some deep insights on life.  Once your student has achieved an educational goal, it is important to challenge them to set a new goal.  Encourage your student to seek out challenges, and to embrace the struggle.  These two skills will be a great asset once your student enters the working world.

Hopefully these words were helpful.  Please remember that I am here if you have questions or need any advice about working through your student’s academic challenges.  If you are on the South Shore of Boston, I would love to chat with you about setting up tutoring for your student.  Please visit us at to learn more about our services.

Don’t hesitate to respond just to say hello, I’d love to hear from you.

Take care!


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