Prostatitis and sex

It’s no secret that a man with prostatitis can have problems in the intimate sphere. Thus, an inflamed prostate gland reduces sexual desire and erections. However, it should be noted that such phenomena are not always observed, and often the problems in intimate life with prostatitis are psychological in nature, when a man himself begins to doubt their capabilities.

But if chronic prostatitis with an erection and libido is okay, is it possible to have sex, and how often should it be done?

Sex – a cure for prostatitis

It is known that an inflamed prostate needs regular massage to get rid of congestion. Contractions of the pelvic muscles during ejaculation are considered an excellent prostate massage. It turns out that sex with chronic prostatitis is necessary to improve the activity of the prostate gland. Normal sexual life can be considered one of the key components in the complex therapy of prostatitis.

But abstinence from sex is harmful to men, as it leads to stagnation in the prostate gland, which only exacerbates the inflammatory process.

Prostatitis and sex

Let’s start with the fact that there are no “standards” in sexual life. With chronic prostatitis, you can have sex as much as before the disease.

Another thing, who to have sex with? Doctors are unanimous here and advise to have sexual intercourse with only one partner. Chaotic, and even more unprotected sex with prostatitis can greatly harm a man. A new batch of pathogenic (and opportunistic) microbes can only worsen the course of the disease.

In addition, it is not known whether prostatitis in men can cause any disorders in women. Since in the vast majority of cases the cause of prostatitis is a bacterial infection, there is a possibility that microorganisms can “migrate” from the male body to the female.

And finally, if you have abstained from sexual intercourse for a long time for one reason or another, doctors recommend an alternative to sex – masturbation. Of course, masturbation does not provide the same contraction of the pelvic muscles as full-fledged sex, but clearly better than nothing.